are there any cooking anime?

To celebrate over a million downloads to date, MyAnimeList joins forces with TokyoTreat for a milestone. As if food in anime wasn't already making your mouth water, here are the best cooking anime series of all time, ranked by anime fans like you. These anime focus on chefs and cooks who strive to be the best in the kitchen, and who will stop at nothing to make the most delicious food possible. All of the programmes on this list are about food, but vary in what they focus on specifically.

For example, in Yumeiro Patissiere, Ichigo Amano focuses on sweets, pastries and desserts. On the other hand, there is Antique Bakery, where the four main characters create various breads in their bakery. Other programmes are more wide-ranging, such as Cooking Master Boy, which tells the story of a boy who wants to be a talented chef in all areas of cooking. Any home chef or anime fan will absolutely love these programmes with stories about cooking.

For cooking enthusiasts, there is nothing more fascinating than watching a dish being meticulously prepared. If you've already watched all the cooking videos out there and have been left wanting more, satisfy your hunger with these 10 anime series about food. Although he has a rough start in the new environment, Ichigo quickly adapts and excels with his exceptional sense of taste and skills. Along with 3 other friends and their adorable, tiny companions called "Candy Spirits", Ichigo strives to become a skilled pastry chef in the competitive culinary world.

This changes when he starts living with his cousin. Ryou discovers that cooking for his close friends makes his food taste better than before. If you like 3 girls who develop healthy and meaningful friendships through good food, this is the anime for you. Whether it's useful culinary knowledge, thrilling high-octane foodie battles, or simple everyday cooking, there's sure to be something in these food anime series that suits your taste buds.

So grab some snacks, sit back, relax and bon appétit. Otherwise, you'll be left hungry, even starving. If you're not a fan of ramen or any of the huge hot meals that often feature in cooking anime, then Dagashi Kashi might interest you. It appeals to those with a sweet tooth, because dagashi means candy in Japanese.

This anime is about a girl who is forced to run her family's business, a candy shop. There was a time when Liu's mother, Bei, clashed with the Underground Cooking Society, which held fairness in low esteem. More than just a look at cooking and how ingredients are used in the kitchen, there is some plot to keep things interesting along the way. Born to Cook is the first great cooking anime to come out, and is even supposed to be what inspired the existence of the Iron Chef show.

After returning to his place of origin, he is confronted by the "Society of Underground Cooks". As a cooking anime, it takes the number one spot for exploring different styles of storytelling with different characters. Of all the series on this list, Shokugeki no Souma reigns as the embodiment of a great cooking anime. In addition to seeing how food is grown and raised, the series also manages to introduce some good cooking scenes.

He ends up opening a small café and most of the plot shows how his cooking affects different people. But cooking is a predominant element in the series and it is clear that the animation effort has focused on this aspect. In a way, the series is a gastronomic journey (literally, on the hunt for food) mixed with a good dose of action. This is thanks to his late grandmother, from whom he learned to cook, and who has always assured Ryou that her food is delicious.

With a father and daughter who previously made do with store-bought meals, they begin to learn how to cook along with a new friend from high school. The main story features a young girl named Machiko who finds joy in cooking when she meets her young cousin and bonds with her, especially as she looks towards marriage and learns how to be a good wife.

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