is soma a better chef than akira?

Akira was sent to eliminate Soma from the end-of-term exams, and came close to winning, cooking bear meat with incredible skill. Soma only won because he had Terunori Kuga to help him. The protagonist of Food Wars, Soma, is undoubtedly a talented chef, who has achieved a lot of victories, but has also been defeated more than once. Although Akira's speciality is curry, he is generally an accomplished chef.

He defeats Soma and Ryo in the autumn election finals with his Burnt Pacific Saurian Carpaccio and narrowly misses out on qualifying for the BLUE, tying for fourth place with Satoshi and Isami in the preliminaries. Akira is an elite chef who will only get stronger thanks to his mastery of spices and his rivalry with other talented chefs such as Ryo. Akira Hayama won the autumn election. Sōma Yukihira and Ryō Kurokiba are tied for second place.

Judging that the warmth of their dish best suited the theme, the judges declare Soma as the winner. Although Megumi only ranks tenth in the current Elite Ten, she has proven herself to be a talented chef whose cooking is rooted in hospitality. Rindo may not be as competitive as many of her fellow chefs, preferring to try different foods rather than compete in cooking battles, but her skill and knowledge of rare ingredients is almost unparalleled. Although only a few people know of Jōichirō's short-lived fame in the past, it is clear that those people look up to him and admire him because of his prodigious chef personality.

Some of the best chefs in anime, such as Gin Dojima and Azami Nakiri, never show their culinary skills on screen, so it is unfair to compare them to the characters whose cooking is ranked in the competition. Kojiro, also known as The Wizard of Vegetables for his ability to bring out the best qualities of vegetables, is a professional chef who competes at the highest level in the culinary world. From the former members of the Totsuki Elite Ten to the chefs of Noir at the BLUE, there are many talented chefs to choose from. The protagonist, Soma Yukihira, grew up in the kitchen of his family's restaurant, where he learned all sorts of life lessons.

The Food Wars anime features more than one top chef, but here are the best of the best presented throughout the series. If you think about it, manga screenwriter Yūto Tsukuda, illustrator Shun Saeki, along with chef Yuki Morisaki (who is used as a model and consultant for the series), came up with a recipe for their stories to wow audiences through a basic necessity. This is a magical high school anime in which competitive cooking takes the place of fighting or magic, and the hero Soma Yukihira will need his best recipes to win the day. Soma explains that this dish is inspired by his mother, who enjoyed cooking even though she was terrible at it.

Despite more than 50 attempts, Soma is never able to defeat his father in a cooking match, which serves as another testament to Joichiro's skill. This is because Joichiro is like an influence on Erina and is very dear to her, and she agreed to try his cooking when she became a good chef. All of Alice's dishes are precise in execution and innovative in design, and her version of a bento box sets the bar high for Soma to surpass in their encounter.

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