what is the best anime food?

For food lovers, there's nothing more fascinating than watching a dish being meticulously prepared. If you've already watched all the cooking videos out there and have been left wanting more, satisfy your hunger with these 10 anime series about food. Although he has a rough start in the new environment, Ichigo quickly adapts and excels with his exceptional sense of taste and skills. Along with 3 other friends and their adorable, tiny companions called "Candy Spirits", Ichigo strives to become a skilled pastry chef in the competitive culinary world.

This changes when he starts living with his cousin. Ryou discovers that cooking for his close friends makes his food taste better than before. If you like 3 girls who develop healthy and meaningful friendships through good food, this is the anime for you. Whether it's useful culinary knowledge, thrilling high-octane foodie battles, or simple everyday cooking, there's sure to be something in these food anime series that suits your taste buds.

So grab some snacks, sit back, relax and enjoy. Koufuku Graffiti emphasises the importance of creating lasting friendships through good food (that's how I make friends too). The main character, Ryou Machiko, cooks delicious, mouth-watering dishes to share with her friends and family. Food and good company, what's not to like? This anime follows the adventures of an incredibly buff and charismatic man named Toriko.

He is a gourmet hunter whose goal is to find the most divine and delicious ingredient in the world. In his search for this element, he encounters the most extravagant types of fictional food (such as flowers stuffed with steaming ramen). Ryu Sasakura is a divine bartender who knows how to create the perfect alcoholic drink. In every episode, he offers troubled customers an exquisite drink and a heartfelt conversation.

Sounds like a man I need in my life, sooner rather than later. Yaki dango is a Japanese grilled food often sold at Japanese street cafes, open-air vendors and during festivals. Skewered for easy eating, these small balls of mochi (Japanese rice cake) are available in a variety of flavours, but always have a distinctive chewy texture and sweet taste. Taiyaki, which is believed to have originated in the Meiji period of feudal Japan, is a (lovely) fish-shaped bread.

The batter is usually a pancake-like concoction that is poured into a fish-shaped mould and baked until golden brown. These tasty cakes are usually filled with sweetened adzuki bean paste. However, as the popularity of taiyaki continues to grow, there are many other fillings used in today's Japanese fish cakes. Although taiyaki has been seen in numerous anime during street festivals, Ayu Tsukimiya from Kanon likes taiyaki so much that she mentions it constantly throughout the series.

When it comes to food, people probably think of things like Food Network when it comes to seeing how their favourite dishes are made. And while that's a good idea, anime is also known for its depictions of culinary delights. In this particular art form, dishes always seem to look as appetizing as possible. Here are the best anime meals to help inspire your next Thanksgiving dish or the next time you decide to cook at home.

To celebrate over one million downloads to date, MyAnimeList joins forces with TokyoTreat for a milestone. Shirokuma Cafe is a cute series about talking animals who run a popular cafe serving organic food and drink. It's super relaxing but can make you hungry. Wakako-zake follows a young office worker and her quest to find exciting food and drink combinations.

It more or less follows the dreams of a foodie. Ristorante Paradiso focuses more on romance and drama, but is set in an Italian restaurant. There are plenty of glamorous shots of the food to accompany the sweet romance. Mister Ajikko is one of the most classic cooking anime series in the industry, perfect for fans of culinary competitions.

When it comes to the presentation of food in anime versus real life, many Japanese animations depict meals and snacks in their traditional form. Japanese curry rice also appears a lot in anime, especially in season 1 of Shokugeki no Soma, with the entire autumn preliminary election arc devoted to curry. If you like hilarious and heartwarming anime series and love the thrill of culinary competitions and adventures, any of these cooking and food anime series should be added to your list. Despite this, anime does have its over-the-top moments, and one of them comes in the form of Skytree Pork Bowl.

This heartwarming anime follows Ryō Machiko, a high school student who loves to cook and has been living alone since her grandmother died. Ethan Supovitz is a long-time fan of comics, anime and video games, which has inspired him to write about them. Luckily, many of these foods can be eaten in real life, but others could only exist in the wild and extraordinary worlds depicted in certain anime. In fact, there is a typical "stereotype in anime where pretty girls usually wear yukata and hold Dango in their hands".

The anime features the adventures of bakery student Amano Ichigo at a culinary school, as well as step-by-step scenes of Ichigo making warm, rich cakes. Almost every anime series has that mouth-watering moment when your favourite character sits down to devour a delicious meal.

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