Which anime is the one where they fight against food?

On the other hand, cooking anime shows an additional dimension in the appreciation and presentation of food. There is an added visual interest when it comes to cooking anime programmes. At first, one might think that the series is mainly about cooking with combat mixed in. Reaching its fourth season, Shokugeki no Soma continues to rank high as the best cooking anime you'll want to watch.

Ben-To doesn't feature much cooking, but it does include epic fight sequences over delicious food at bargain prices. Otherwise, it's a fairly standard reverse harem anime with a shojo romance flavour, in which Ichigo fights at an elite dessert chef school but finds help from the cute guys around her. It's creative, different and definitely an anime to watch for good food-related shounen fun. However, it has been proven that food in anime almost always finds a way to look charming and very appetizing.

As a cooking anime, it takes the number one spot for exploring different styles of storytelling with different characters. Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi (Afterlife Inn Cooking) makes the list for having a relatively different setting than most other cooking anime. Delicious food, a wonderful atmosphere and colourful animation are usually the main recipe for a great cooking anime. This slice-of-life anime series features the protagonist, Nicoletta, who wants revenge on her mother for abandoning her as a child.

From skillfully crafted dishes to professional culinary skills, Mister Ajikko is one of the most classic cooking anime series in the industry, perfect for fans of culinary competitions. Although the animation and battles are of good quality, it is often mediocre and not suitable as a cooking anime. This upscale josei anime series is a must-see for those who crave a more mature storyline and elegant cuisine. The full anime series can be found on YouTube, but while the recipes at the end of each episode are nice touches, neither the food nor the narrative content offers anything spectacular.

Shokugeki no Souma, one of the most popular cooking anime series, is about a teenager, Souma Yukihira, who aspires to be the best cooking student at Tootsuki Culinary Academy. Wakako, who always dines alone after work, introduces viewers to the subtleties of Japanese bar food and the drinks that go with it, something that is not covered as much in other anime aimed at people of all ages.

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