who are the 3 strongest anime characters?

Top 10 strongest anime characters of all time1 Saitama (One Punch Man), 2 Son Goku (Dragon Ball). While they didn't make the top 15 list, there are a few noteworthy mentions before we start. He may look like a humanoid cat to us, but Beerus is anything but. Being the God of Destruction of Universe 7, he is originally the main antagonist of the series, but later becomes a supporting cast member.

Beerus is considered one of the strongest of the 12 Gods of Destruction, with the simple mission of maintaining balance in the universe. However, Beerus is known for his laziness, as he sleeps for decades, but once he wakes up he sets out to destroy a few planets at a time to make room for new ones, maintaining balance in the universe. Clearly u are a frickin dumbhead and dont even watch anime, Anti spiral destroys zeno, Featherine augusta aurora destroys zeno, WTF is this list, The top 15 are actually filled with characters from verses as umineko verse or gurren lagann verse SAITAMA IS MY FAV ANIME CHARACTER EVER SINCE THE ANIME CAME OUT I WATCHED ONE PUNCHED MAN 12 TIMES ITS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD ?Saitama is the best at punching If this was the list of the best punches, I respect Zeno lovers and the other anime characters on this list, I wish they would make a list of the best punches. Goku is not even top 15 there are omnipotent characters that are not on this list.

why is all the power here why not ken kaneki from tokyo ghoul should be in 12th place. Choosing these 10 strongest anime characters of all time was not an easy job. As mentioned earlier, with the number of action packed anime releasing everywhere there are anime characters with rippling muscles and fierce looks and some anime characters with not so intimidating looks but with insurmountable powers everywhere now, but these top 10 have powers that cloud overthrow all other characters in the anime universe. These Anime Characters are the strongest and most powerful in their own series and anime universe.

Here we have the list of top 10 strongest anime characters of all time. The following table shows the 10 strongest anime characters of all time and their personalities. In One Punch Man, Saitama's appearance became very popular. Also known as the Caped Baldy, Saitama is one of the most unique protagonists and one of the names on the list of the top 10 strongest anime characters of all time.

In the series, Saitama is the protagonist and the greatest hero of his universe. He fights enemies with a single punch and is therefore called "One Punch Man". The origin of Saitama's power is unknown and immeasurable. It seems that Saitama developed the powers himself through numerous exercises.

This makes him number one on the list of the 10 strongest anime characters of all time. Zeno, one of the names on the list of the 10 strongest anime characters of all time, Zeno does not have any fighting techniques or skills, but he is powerful and dominates space and time. In Dragon Ball Super, Zeno is the lord of reality and can create and eradicate all creation. He has also destroyed different worlds and plays with universes like marbles.

Despite having no combat abilities, his ability to create and destroy worlds at will makes him the most difficult to challenge in a fight and defeat. These powerful abilities place him second on the list of the top 10 strongest anime characters of all time. Meruem, from the Hunter x Hunter series, is next on the list of the top 10 strongest anime characters of all time. Meruem was the most powerful son of the Ant Queen Chimera.

He was considered the "King of the Chimera Ants" and is the main antagonist of the Chimera Ant Arc. He was also muscular and well trained. He also had a powerful sting in his tail as a weapon. Along with enormous physical strength and a biological weapon, he has a great intelligence that is beyond human capability.

It increases its strength by eating Nen users. Meruem ranks fifth on the list of the top 10 strongest anime characters of all time. Zeref Dragneel from the Fairy Tail series is next on the list of the top 10 strongest anime characters of all time. In Fairy Tail, Zeref is known as the most powerful and evil wizard of all time.

He uses powerful and dangerous sorcery and dark arts. Zeref is the founder and monarch of the Kingdom of Alvarez and is known as the Spriggan Emperor. He is Natsu's older brother and August's father. The sheriff was already capable of learning dark magic at a very young age and began creating new demons.

Zeref himself said that the more he loves his life, the more his dark magic grows which makes him destroy everything around him in the end. The way he controls his power while maintaining a cold heart makes him rank eighth on the list of the top 10 strongest anime characters of all time. Goku from the Dragon Ball superseries is last on the list of the top 10 strongest anime characters of all time. Son Goku is the main character of the anime Dragon Ball Super.

He is a Saiyan, and after his birth, he has declared himself a warrior and was sent to Earth to destroy civilisation. The second son of Bardock and younger brother Raditz, Goku is one of the most famous characters in anime history, and Son Goku is the greatest martial artist in the anime series. In Dragon Ball, he is known as the greatest warrior in many worlds, Goku is ranked 10th on the list of the top 10 strongest anime characters of all time. Top 10 strongest anime characters Top 10 strongest anime characters of all time.

Not only is Goku the strongest of all the main anime characters, but the Dragon Ball verse is also the most powerful in all of anime. The power levels in the DB franchise are simply on a different scale. Goku has attained various powerful forms such as Super Saiyan 3, Blue and Red, and has been shown to be multi-planetary. He has fought Beerus, a god of destruction in the Dragon Ball universe who can easily destroy an entire galaxy, and Whiz, who is an angel.

Goku's most powerful form, though recent, is known to be Ultra Instinct, also known as the "state of the gods". You might think he's an odd character to begin with, but Light Yagami from Death Note is incredibly powerful with the help of the Death Note. Since the beginning of the series, it's been established that by simply writing down someone's name and how you'd like them to perish in the book, the strike will be completed without a hitch. This means that Light is able to take down some of the most well known characters on our list without needing to be anywhere near them.

The God of Destruction is the first of the Dragon Ball entries on this list thanks to his incredible strength. From the moment he's introduced, Goku is forced to work tirelessly to reach his level, something he seems to have achieved later in the series, but Beerus can still maintain his strength and destroy planets at will, so it's only fitting that he takes a place on our list. When it comes to characters who use melee combat, none can match the skills of One Punch Man himself, Saitama. If you've seen the series, you already know why he made this list, and if you haven't, the name of the series should give it away.

Saitama can take out his enemies with a single punch, making him an extremely dangerous foe. That power combined with his speed, reflexes, jumping ability and other skills make him the best melee fighter and possibly the most powerful in the anime. Saitama is weaker than Goku, so why does everyone think he's so much stronger? Goku can't even beat Beerus, and Beerus is weaker than all the Arch-Angels in DBS and weaker than Zeno. If Goku can't even beat Beerus, then he could never in his life beat Saitama.

No, the point in saitama is that he shoots things and he's overmatched, that's what makes the anime a comedy. Tatsumaki is one of the few anime characters who doesn't need to have great melee skills. Also known as Toshinori Yagi, All-Might is the main protagonist of the My Hero Academia series, as well as being considered the world's strongest hero. This list might be the worst list of power trier anime characters I have ever seen most of the characters on this list shouldn't be there in the first place and don't get me started whit eren being stronger than naruto eren will be one taken down by naruto no mather what and if you really want to know who is the strongest character in all of anime it is kami tenchi of tenchi muyo no other character stand a chance he is omnipotent.

Despite being a relatively new anime character, Satoru Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen ranks fifth on this list. In the overall strongest anime characters, these top 10 have powers that cloud all other characters in the anime universe. With so much combat-centric content in anime, it's no wonder that debates over which character is stronger than another are a staple of fandom. The second season of the series highlights Baki's prominence in the anime universe after recently falling in love and finding a new source of motivation to increase his stature.

I could applaud everyone on this list just by looking at them, he can create something out of nothing, and I could applaud even Zeno, and before you say he's not even in a fighting anime, what about Saitama, sure he has a lot of action, much more than Saiki's, but both are gag anime based mainly on comedy than fighting. Saitama should be the strongest character in the anime because he hasn't become a serious mod in the manga series. Korosensei from the Assassination Classroom series is next on the list of the 10 strongest anime characters of all time. Naruto Uzamaki, one of the most popular characters in the anime universe, is a loudmouth ninja who appeared in the series of the same name for 10 years and more than 500 episodes, as well as numerous sequels.

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