who are the top 10 in the food wars?

Council members are ranked from 1st to 10th place, with the 1st being the best student in the entire academy. For many, the 1st seat is the highest possible honour within the academy. Some of the world's most successful chefs, such as Gin Dōjima and Kojirō Shinomiya, held the rank of 1st seat during their time at Tōtsuki. The anime Food Wars features more than one top chef, but here are the best of the best introduced throughout the series.

Throughout Food Wars, many talented chefs battle it out for the title of best chef in the series. From the former members of the Totsuki Elite Ten to the chefs of Noir at the BLUE, there are many talented chefs to choose from. Soma is the main protagonist of Food Wars, and is undoubtedly one of the best chefs in the series. Throughout the anime, he learns through failure and constantly strives to improve his skills.

While Soma is never able to beat his father and Erina, he is able to defeat Asahi during one of the best episodes of Food Wars, which is enough to give him the edge over his old man. Although fans only get to see a few of his dishes during the anime, those few were enough to prove his credentials. In the finale of Regiment de Cuisine, she creates her Le Plat Veritable using cheap appetizers, such as squid and peanut butter, a feat only she could accomplish. Altogether, Erina's combination of skill, education and supernatural ability make her the best chef in Food Wars.

After defeating Central and claiming the Elite 10 positions, Erina suggests to everyone that Soma be the first position, to which Soma disagrees, but Sanzaemon Nakiri (previous director) announces his retirement and tells Soma to choose a new director as the first position. Soma chooses Erina and everyone agrees with him and finally Erina also accepts her new responsibilities. After winning Central, as the rebels claim the 10 elite positions and everyone argues over who should be the first position, Erina surprises everyone by suggesting Soma's name for the position to their dismay. As everyone agrees, Soma argues with Erina and tells her that he has not defeated Tsukasa Eishi (former 1st seat) by himself, to which Erina tells him that he has achieved more in this shokugeki than anyone else.

But in the end Soma accepts only when Erina agrees to be a new headmaster of Totsuki. Former 7th Seat, Isshiki got the 2nd Seat after the Rebels' victory. He is one of the best 2nd year students and has proven his worth by defeating Shiratsu Jurio (8th seat) and facing Tsukasa Eishi (former 1st seat). He also comes from a prestigious family that is one of the strongholds of traditional Japanese cuisine.

He is famous among the food business and has a special affection for his colleagues in the North Star dormitory. Winner of the fall elections and one of the strongest freshmen, Hayama won the 4th Seat after the Rebels' victory. He got the 5th Seat after his victory and now continually matches Hayama for his 4th Seat and got challenges from Alice. One of the first years he was not expelled, Takumi joins Soma in his plan to overthrow Azami's administration to save his brother and friends.

He trained with Soma and Megumi, and defeated Etsuya Eizan (former 7th Seat in Central) in shokugeki. He later fought Rindo Kobayashi (former 2nd Seat) but lost to her. Although it was never quite clear which seat was considered the best, the last chapter 47 confirms that Seat 1 is the best, as Seat 1 receives special recognition. Ryoko is an expert at fermenting foods, such as beans, and that makes any culinary challenge involving fermentation very easy for her.

As Season - 4 of Food Wars ended with a huge Rebel victory over Central, leading to the fall of Azami Nakiri, new establishments have been produced in Totsuki along with the Rebels occupying the Elite 10 seats. This also parallels her title of White Knight of the Table (only the flavours of the food are present in front of the taster, but it seems her cook is elsewhere). Rindo may not be as competitive as many of her peers, preferring to sample different foods rather than compete in culinary battles, but her skill and knowledge of rare ingredients is almost unparalleled. Next up is Megumi Tadokoro, a soft-spoken but friendly Tohoku girl who specialises in home cooking and seafood.

Having been born and raised in Italy, Aldini has such an extensive knowledge of Italian cuisines that her food is especially sought after by customers at her uncle's restaurant, Trattoria Aldini. Alice is not quite on a par with her cousin Erina, but her skill is remarkable, and she has hardly any blind spots, given her encyclopaedic knowledge of food and flavour. In fact, one of Kurokiba's strengths is her unbeatable knowledge of Molecular Gastronomy (a sub-discipline of food science in which the physical and chemical transformations of ingredients in the kitchen are investigated). What is impressive about this show is how the characters manage to cook delicious food that also appeals to the viewers' taste buds.

Kuga is also not afraid to make his dishes spicy, and knows exactly how to make his food spicy enough to make an impression, but adding flavour rather than being spicy on its own. A member of the 79th generation of Totsuki alumni and a former first place in the Elite Ten, Kojiro is the first Japanese chef to win the coveted Pluspol, the most prestigious award in French cuisine. Even a great culinary challenge is just a quaint trifle for her, and master chefs and food critics from all over the world are flocking to her to taste her dishes or give a food critique.

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