who is a better cook, erina or soma?

With this final piece of the puzzle in place, Erina's potential was realised, and she actually defeated Soma (off-screen) and won the entire BLUE. She was officially the best chef of her generation, and that's an achievement no one else can claim. She has better intuitive thinking than Erina. The author is too lazy to write a proper tournament for them, considering he's already reached the last chapter.

The woman who possesses the Tongue of God and current head of Totsuki, Erina Nakiri, has all the tools to be the best chef in anime. In addition to her supernatural sense of taste, she has grown up in one of the world's top chef families, giving her access to ingredients, cooking styles and experience that no other chef can hope to achieve at her age. Soma Yukihira is the top chef in the Food Wars series. Although only a 15-year-old sophomore in high school, Sōma's unrivalled passion for cooking is due to his ingenuity and unbridled creativity in improvising new recipes on the fly (especially during cooking competitions).

Perhaps the reason why newcomers are as attracted to this show as long-time fans is because of the characters' strategies for cooking the most delicious dishes. What is impressive about this show is how the characters manage to cook delicious food that also appeals to the viewers' taste buds. With his knife-crossing skills, Asahi can mimic the techniques of any chef whose knife he owns, allowing him to integrate different cooking styles into never-before-seen delicacies. Because Isshiki often hides his true potential in the kitchen, not many people realise that he is one of the strongest chefs of Engetsu's 91st generation.

According to the sixth holder of the Elite Ten Council, Isshiki would have earned his position if he had gone all out and got serious about his cooking. To improve his culinary skills and save the restaurant, Sōma begins studying at the Engetsu Teahouse Culinary Academy, which is considered the best culinary academy in Japan. From the former members of the Totsuki Elite Ten to the chefs of Noir at the BLUE, there are so many talented chefs to choose from. Being also the former first member of the Elite Ten Council, he acquired the culinary logic, adaptation to live cooking and knowledge of ingredients to augment his already incredible culinary skills.

This also parallels his title of White Knight of the Table (only the flavours of the food are present in front of the taster, but it seems that his cook is elsewhere). With his fine palate, he rivals Sōma Yukihira and only uses high-quality ingredients to cook to perfection. He is not afraid to experiment with ingredients, which is also the inspiration for his unique approach to cooking called Yukihira Style. But not just any knives, he only collects the ones he has won in cooking competitions (he bets with his opponents to give him their culinary knives because they have lost in multiple competitions with him, which amplifies Saiba's natural power).

Despite more than 50 attempts, Soma is never able to defeat his father in a cooking match, which serves as another testament to Joichiro's skill. Rindo may not be as competitive as many of his fellow cooks, preferring to try different foods rather than compete in cooking battles, but his skill and knowledge of rare ingredients is almost unparalleled. One of her main strengths in the kitchen is "paradoxically placing herself in her dishes without intending to". However, when Yukihira tasted his dishes, he compared Isshiki's culinary skills to those of a superhuman.

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