who is the best chef in anime?

Brock may not be a fancy restaurant chef. But the man knows how to adapt and overcome. I know I just said that Charmy doesn't look like a typical chef. But Bols takes that stereotype even further.

Senku is a top-notch scientist and basically knows everything there is to know about everything. He's the Bols of the Night Raid, only with a pretty face. In the 19th century Szechuan region of China, young culinary prodigy Liu Mao Hsing sets out to earn the title of masterchef in China after being forced to enter a nationwide cooking competition to save his family's restaurant, the Kikkaro. Because of his devotion and passion for cooking, Sanji is determined not to let anyone starve, friend or foe.

He respects every aspect of preparing a meal, from the utensils to the ingredients, which has made him a great cook. In episode 197, Sanji disguises himself as a Marine cook and manages to prepare a full meal for the Marines with ingredients left over from Jessica, the head cook. This further underlines his prodigy skills in the kitchen. After his father decides to close the family restaurant, Yukihira Souma has no choice but to enrol in the best culinary school in Japan.

With the excellent culinary skills inherited from his father, Souma aspires to graduate from the prestigious culinary school, where only 10 of his students were able to graduate by earning a place among the best. Aside from his ability to cook and provide food and drink for the crew, Sanji possesses a unique fighting technique that only requires the use of his legs, as he claims that a chef's hands should only be used when cooking. Although Megumi only ranks tenth in the current Elite Ten, she has proven herself to be a talented chef whose cooking is based on hospitality. The son of Azami Nakiri, Asahi is a talented young chef who trained under Joichiro before going on to hone his skills and eventually become the leader of the clandestine group of chefs known as Noir.

While we've already ranked some of our favourite cooking-related anime, let's now delve into some of the best chefs that anime has to offer. In addition to his supernatural sense of taste, he grows up in one of the world's leading chef families, giving him access to ingredients, cooking styles and experience that no other chef can aspire to at his age. The woman who possesses the Tongue of God and current head of Totsuki, Erina Nakiri, has all the tools to be the best chef in anime. Rindo may not be as competitive as many of her fellow female chefs, preferring to sample different foods rather than compete in cooking battles, but her skill and knowledge of rare ingredients is almost unparalleled.

She has literally taken other chefs' leftovers and prepared an entire buffet with them, with each meal being more delicious than the one the chef had prepared. The Food Wars anime features more than one top chef, but here are the best of the best presented throughout the series. These characters love cooking, whether they're world-renowned chefs or just kitchen wizards. Kojiro, a member of the 79th generation of Totsuki alumni and former first seat of the Elite Ten, is the first Japanese chef to win the coveted Pluspol, the most prestigious award in French cuisine.

Overall, Erina's combination of skill, education and supernatural ability make her the best chef in Food Wars. Although he ultimately loses to Soma and Erina in the final, he is deserving of his title as one of the best chefs to ever pass through the halls of Totsuki. With his Crossed Knives skill, Asahi can mimic the techniques of any chef whose knife he possesses, allowing him to integrate different styles of cooking into never-before-seen delicacies. Some of the best chefs in the anime, such as Gin Dojima and Azami Nakiri, never show their culinary skills on screen, so it is unfair to compare them to the characters whose cooking is ranked in the competition.

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