who is the best cook in the blue east?

Carmen is a well-known cook. She has challenged and defeated almost every notable cook in East Blue, with the only exceptions being Zeff, whom she has not challenged, and Sanji, who defeated her. Vinsmoke Sanji is not only the best cook within the current One Piece canon, but one of the best cooks in anime history. He treats food with such high esteem that he doesn't even dirty his own hands with any other activity.

He masters cooking a variety of dishes that are both delicious and nutritious. He aspires to find the All Blue, the culinary point to which all chefs should aspire. In a world where any skill or position can be an RPG character class, the cook is an important but undervalued role within the One Piece canon. With the two of them working together, Jessica begins to hone her culinary skills and ends up cooking a meal that her typically stoic husband can enjoy.

In the final moments of the Whole Cake Island arc, Chiffon was able to put her skills to the test and cook a huge replica of the wedding cake her mother so desired. As dangerous as she can be, she is also able to bring joy to people with her culinary skills. As a legendary and principled cook in his own right and mentor to one of today's top chefs, Zeff's name deserves to go down in history, not as a pirate, but as a master chef. As a trainee cook in the Navy, Tajio was just a lowly cabin boy who got into trouble when he was tasked with cooking for the annual vice-admiral's dinner.

On this occasion, Sanji tried to hide in the galley, where he ran into G-8 chief cook and Vice Admiral Jonathan's wife, Jessica. Among them is Charlotte Chiffon, Lola's twin sister and an appropriately named master of the chiffon cake kitchen. With it, she is able to use real volcanoes as a cooking surface to cook all sorts of dishes, such as her Churrasco de animales marinos or Paella de mil personas. Tajio isn't the most experienced cook to bring to a cookout; but after his time studying with Sanji and one of the best filler episodes of the series to date, Tajio came out looking like a great chef.

Also, I don't know if we can say he's the best because there aren't many characters to compare him to, there hasn't been much cooking lately. Throughout his career, Panz Fry would steal food and cook it for less fortunate people, delighting them with both his ability to cook large quantities of food and its taste. What follows is the biggest culinary challenge the series would see until Full Cake Island; and while Sanji inevitably won, Carmen more than proved she could be in the same kitchen as him. After escaping capture and abandoning Arlong's crew, Hatchan goes on various adventures and ends up becoming a takoyaki master, cooking for both Fishman Island and the surface dwellers near the Sabaody Archipelago.

He is pitted against Carmen, a flamboyant and flamboyant cook who gains notoriety for her entertaining culinary skills and several victories over other cooks in the East Blue.

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