who is the best one-piece cook?

Vinsmoke Sanji is not only the best chef in the current One Piece canon, but one of the best chefs in anime history. Sanji, the pirate chef from One Piece, and VIZ Media have found a way to bring the manga's dishes to fans' plates. A new cookbook will allow fans to bring their favourite manga directly to their tables. In a manga that deals with characters - especially pirates - with special powers granted by fruit, what could be more appetizing than having a way to bring the adventure home? Since their skills are needed for virtually any enterprise, cooks can be found among pirates and other criminals, law enforcement officers such as marines, or any number of civilian establishments.

Because her parents owned a cafeteria, Kotori was exposed to the process of cooking and the love of food from an early age. She is in charge of the other cooks in the organisation, having the ultimate authority within her kitchen. Zeff raised Sanji primarily as his son, believing it was his duty as "Sanji's father to instill knowledge in him, including helping him develop his culinary skills and teaching him the value of a cook's hands". Sanji is a skilled cook who has created numerous dishes and has struggled to come up with some of the rarest recipes.

No one who sees how he creates his dishes is willing to eat him, and along with his fighting style of using ramen and cooking utensils to fight, Sanji considers Wanze's wasteful eating unworthy of being a cook. However, his other skills are less entertaining, so he got a spin-off cooking show called Today's Menu for the Emiya family. In addition to the usual duties, these cooks must ration and efficiently use a ship's limited resources during voyages, and maintain the nutrition of the entire crew. The Sword Pirates did not have an official cook (one of their self-admitted weaknesses), but they had Banshee prepare meals for them, so they could manage.

As the crew had no cooking experience, and would have no hope of surviving on the Grand Line without it, Luffy decided to find a chef for his ship (even though he initially wanted a musician). So, while we've already ranked some of our favourite cooking-related anime, let's now delve into some of the best chefs that anime has to offer. I thought he just brought her food, not cooked it, but that would be hype if Ryokugyu is a cook. Jouichirou seems almost like a deity in the Food Wars universe, with people willing to travel halfway around the world just to try his cooking.

So Sanji has always been a talented chef and has been apprenticed to someone who has cooked on every ocean in the world.

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